PART X From the continuing ground breaking series of the GIZA-GENESIS CONNECTION, of the AMBILAC - Search For the Truth site.

Title note:

Our title in this article is highly symbolic, as you will realise upon reading this timely and succinct update. Eight days out from the 5th brings us to the 13th (the recent Fatima prophecy symbolism) seven months out from May brings us to December, eight days out from the 13th brings us to the 21st December. In all our articles we refer to the ‘End Count’ date of December 21st 2012.

The majority of the following data has been collated from a diverse range of sources, including government data resources (magnetometer and solar charts) weather and radar maps coupled with the assistance of several individuals and groups worldwide. These individuals have played an important role in assisting towards the erection of the protective global grid, now in place around our ionosphere, of which this fact should be recognised and we offer a debt of gratitude. Perhaps one-day mankind will understand and appreciate the events and sacrifices played out.

The information presented in this vitally important section is but part of a long and complex series of events and articles, covering a diverse range of topics concerning our origins in the solar system and the cosmos. Because time, as we presently comprehend, plays a vital role here, brevity will be the key issue, whilst providing as much testable information and data as is available.

Because of this time factor, we offer a plethora of related reference URL’s including access to real time Solar satellite images, seismometer stations, radar and magnetometer readings. All of these sites should be followed carefully if one is to come to an understanding as to what is about to occur on this planet earth, Terra.

Our little ‘third rock from the sun’ happens to be, within the current time frame, in the most sought after location in the galaxy, a piece of prime real estate if you will. This fact, combined with the up coming zero time set date of December 21st 2012, brings us to the very heart of what this is all about.


There has been, (and will be), a conflict in progress beyond the planet Jupiter as recently as last February 2000. At regular periods, for those of you who follow the SOHO and LASCO satellite images will have noticed our old friend the ‘sun cruiser’ or ‘plasma carrier’ orbiting the sun. This anomaly is considered to be of Eridanean origin (constellation of Eridanus) and for more information link to our article THE ERIDEANS AND THE AN-UNNAKI
Some may equate this war with a religious conflict, the fallen angels, or good versus evil, and as we will see this indeed may be the case. At this point if one were to ask what would be the nearest description of exactly what scenario is unfolding, it would be a mix of the three films The Prophecy, The Fifth Element and THE MATRIX
With that description, who wants to go and visit a cinema when the REAL event is unfolding before our very eyes!

To cut a long and complex tale extremely short, and to put it bluntly, there is a race ‘parked’ out in the wings of our solar system waiting for an opportunity to enter an opening in our recently activated global grid (since May 5th). This grid at present affords earth the protection she needs. However, there is one that has recently arisen from stasis below the Giza Plateau, who will ensure that this potential forced entry does not come to pass. This is a result of a pact made aeons ago actually on the Giza Plateau itself. For more on this link to one of our original article THE GENESIS CONNECTION

It appears that an individual of a certain race, may attempt to return to claim what he assumes to be his heritage, and the May 5th event provided an ideal opportunity in which to carry this out via the stellar portal opening, or STARGATE, as explained in detail in PART VIII Door No2 Edgar’s Revenge

The combined electromagnetic activity of the maximum solar radiation we are now experiencing, would have assisted in this opportunity by damaging our global geomagnetic field, or grid that is normally present around our planet. For further details on the formation of the grid link to Julie King
Thus by replacing, or strengthening this grid, the procedure of which will be dealt with later, the forced entry into our time frame will be diverted. While for a further understanding of the connection between these EM fields or grids, link to the THE GREAT EXPERIMENT In this article, we put forward an explanation towards the siting of crystals at what we term today, ‘sacred sites’ where the focal crystal was placed below the Giza Plateau pyramid complex.

You will notice on Julie King’s site, she explains the red grid and the blue grid. The red grid is manipulated by our military in conjunction with alien technology (the Zeta’s, who are now believed to have all but left this planet prior to the ‘real’ grid activating)

The ‘blue’ grid is the one that is now held in place to protect the planet, and as we write this article continual work is in progress to maintain this protective grid.

During the week prior to May 5th, many radar rings were witnessed on the weather satellite maps, mainly located in the USA and Australia. The majority of these incidences were captured by dedicated people such as FLASH RADAR
During this time Brookhaven (national laboratories, Long Island New York and home of the ion collider,) began to fire up as attested by some disturbing radar ring activity. See Flash Radar and ORBIT

It is now essential to follow the events that led up to May 5th, including post, and continuing, effects.

Background of events to present day: When ‘speed overrides security’ it is essential to bring the reader the bare bones of what is occurring. Nostradamus called it the “The Three Waves”, where the “First wave” was a slow but sure and steady take over of governing elite of this planet by an alien force. The “Second Wave” was the incoming and complete take over by an alien race on this planet, while the “Third Wave” was ‘Amageddon’ itself. We may indeed be near the “Second Wave” scenario, whereby the grid held in place over this planet is the only protection we have. With reference to our article Edgar's Revenge we mentioned that there were three tombs below the Plateau, that of Joseph, Enlil and Osiris. It is Joseph who is the ‘saving grace’ in this present scenario unfolding.

In the early hours of May 5th, the crystal was accessed and activated, thereby instigating the protective grid around the planet, assisted by numerous energy points interconnected around the globe at sacred sites. During this operation, Joseph awoke from stasis, as predestined to do so while certain planetary events were experienced. It is from this point that we now explain the procedure and nature of this complex and delicate task.

In the days leading up to the alignment of May 5th, 2000 several individuals (including groups of individuals) all came together at precisely the correct time. Each and every one of these groups, or individuals, knew exactly what their “tasks” were and proceeded to execute that which they had been trained to do. In other words, none of these people were driven by any known motive other than BELIEF. To simply state that all were successful would be a complete understatement. HOWEVER, not all is over yet, so please bear this fact in mind as we attempt to relay the sequence of events as they unfolded in the HOURS leading up to the alignment. Because this scenario is not yet completed, and there being much more at stake that can be imagined, we are unable to share, at this time, the full details of events.
The alignment of May 5th was far more than a Planetary alignment, the true alignment concerned the Star of Betelguese in the Orion Constellation. This Star is the Star of Bethlehem. In the book of Genesis we are consistently taken back to Betel, (the Star of Betelguese) and is merely only part of the story

The second part is Ham, Noah's son, whom by himself would have left Noah in his nakedness, had it not been for his two brothers who symbolically backed in and placed a coat over his nakedness, thus Cloaking him. The two brothers are Shem (Star X), and Japeth (STAR Y). See our recent article INTERDIMENSIONAL PHYSICS
Once the whole Giza Pyramid "Complex”, had been deciphered, we were then in a position to incorporate the KNOWLEDGE contained in the Book of Genesis, providing the required tools from which to work. An additional, and essential piece of information, which one needed to understand, was that the Valley temple of Khufu represented our direct LINEAGE (ADAM) that being our SUN. In previous articles we explained how this Pyramid complex is constructed to specifically point out this alignment, This event occurs only once in every "CYCLE", where Betelguese aligns directly through our SUN to our planet Earth, or Terra.

As an understanding towards the scenario leading up to the May 5th, including the continuing post event effects, we consider it is of the utmost importance to put forward a detailed synopsis of the number of related planetary and associated events. The information extracted and referenced from a number of sources, including military and government satellite images and data readings, have been taken direct from source. There have been no alterations or additions other than enlargement of a few images for clarification, and all are available in their raw state. Basically, it is a case of WYSIWYG, What You See Is What You Get.

To comprehend the severity and importance surrounding the recent event, and to explain what will soon occur, it is essential to follow these data that we consider go a long way to prove out the scenario unfolding.

On April 27th what can only be described as a ‘solar torpedo’ was witnessed on the SOHO and LASCO solar satellite images, heading towards the sun. See detailed background and animations.
While for further analysis SEE HERE AND HERE
A similar event was witnessed on June 1st 1998
Before and during this event of April, there appeared to be a number of missing NASA image files. E.g. Before, missing C3 files 20000428 and 20000429_0418. While after, the missing files were; 20000430_0654 and 20000430_1054 A complete analysis of this event and its after effects can be followed HERE
On the same day, April 30th, massive Coronal Mass Ejections (CME’s) were observed emanating from our sun, and witnessed by the SOHO and LASCO satellite images.

To progress, on May 1st we were due to have our second interview with Jeff Rense on the highly acclaimed ‘sightings’ show, where we were going to reveal certain aspects on the My 5th alignment connected with the Giza Plateau. However, the show was cancelled at literally the very last minute due to a ‘technical problem’ and totally out of the control of Jeff Rense and his station. We did in fact manage to get back on May 8th, needless to say for some this information was delayed.

On May 2nd, an interesting piece of news was revealed, that of scientists discovering cracks in the ocean floor off the east coast of the USA. It as revealed that these cracks along a 25-mile stretch of the continental shelf, could trigger a tsunami sending 18-foot waves towards the Mid Atlantic States. The news as reported by the AP on May 2nd, Falmouth, Mass, where the New Millennium news site issued an abbreviated On May 2nd, an interesting piece of news was revealed, that of scientists discovering cracks in the ocean floor off the east coast of the USA. It as revealed that these cracks along a 25-mile stretch of the continental shelf, could trigger a tsunami sending 18-foot waves towards the Mid Atlantic States. The news as reported by the AP on May 2nd, Falmouth, Mass, where the New Millennium news site issued an abbreviated report. However, the full article may be read in the May edition of the journal GEOLOGY- reference article No.407
This event seems to attest to the instability of the continental shelf, illustrating yet a further symptom of planet earth’s reaction to its growth stage towards the 2012 date. In addition, at this same point in time the Sulawesi 7.3 earthquake events occurred, and the Yellowstone geyser eruption.

While these events were ongoing, the planets Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury slowly began to ALIGN
It is interesting to note that over the period from May 3rd to May 4th, many electronic communication faults were experienced, especially over the USA, mainly relating to e-mail services etc. In addition, websites connected to our research group, including e-mails, were heavily scanned by certain military communication centres This resulted in severe hacking and file depletion of our main Ambilac site leaving the latest article, INTERDIMENSIONAL PHYSICS, in somewhat of an unreadable format.

In the early hours of May 4th, SOHO C3 satellite images showed a LARGE CME
This was also observed on the Navy military C3 satellite
Radar ring activity continued to increase, see archives on FLASH, which seem to suggest that an attempt to place an electromagnetic field, or contrived ‘red’ grid around the planet. This ‘red’ grid or shield will allow only the negative force or side to enter, thus it required to be broken in order for the ‘natural’ blue earth grid to take over.

To complicate matters further it was at this point in time that the ‘Love Bug’ virus – ‘I Love You’ hit all Microsoft mailing systems (exchange) causing widespread disruption, including the Pentagon and other similar centres throughout the globe.

It is also of note that the Ambilac website and several related sites received all time visitor record hits prior to and on, May 5th.

The period Leading up the May 5th planet earth was subjected to much earthquake activity, as attested on the seismometer readings
Immediately after the time of the crystal activation under Giza, these readings went remarkably quiet, as captured HERE


We now describe one of the most important events in the history of our planet that will affect the destiny of humanity.

On May 3rd three individuals left the various cities they were located at the time and proceeded to Cairo, where they all met. These three, up to this point, had no idea as to what event was about to unfold only that their previous training and unique skills would be required. It was here that they were given the co-ordinate entry points (X2).

This initial phase of the exercise was a risky one to say the least, due to heightened Military security on and around the Giza Plateau itself. Both entry points were utilised on the night of the 3rd.due to the fact that we could not send all three down the Bethlehem Processionway at this point in time. It was here that two very old ‘Booby trap’ explosive devices were located and subsequently disarmed.

At this point the equipment, including the artefacts, in the room all were carefully studied, as were the Glyphs and the drawings which lined the walls of the room. Bear in mind that although two separate entrances were used, they in fact both led directly to the same Chamber. The team of three then carefully vacated the site, while simultaneously others were providing psychic cloaking assisted with the exit process.

The subsequent intelligence data gathering was very carefully reviewed by a number of people, and a plan put into action. The team of three re-entered using the Bethlehem Passageway armed only with the knowledge that they received previously in order to successfully carry off this vital and delicate task. Most of what occurred during the late hours of May the 4th when this team made entry, using the Bethlehem Processionway can be heard described on the Jeff Rense SIGHTINGS show archived audiotape of the interview of May the 8th, 2000.
However, what you will not hear described in the interview, is an EVENT that occurred of which we knew nothing of prior to having advanced the "CRYSTAL". An EVENT that we were unable to share with anyone as per HIS request. The initial bolt of energy that was fired into the disk when it locked into place we assumed was to initiate the firing up created to advance the GRID. Upon which the team was informed they had done well, and at which point the enclosures they were standing inside of (as a Protection) were dropped.

On the way out of the chamber we possessed the knowledge that the team was to take a specific artefact out with them, what we did not know at the time was the purpose and intent of this artefact. Once outside the Chamber, approximately two thirds of the way along the Processionway, there was located a niche cut into the wall. The artefact was then placed inside the niche and automatically sealed in. Behind the team the passageway lit up in a bluish/purplish light, which came to an end at the location of the artefact.

Now we return to the EVENT.

It transpired that when the bolt of energy, thought only to initiate the firing up of the Grid, was relayed upward (reflected upward into the pyramid itself) it entered into a body located in a sarcophagus above. This open sarcophagus, located in a chamber directly above the machinery that had been activated, contained non other than JOSEPH himself. Joseph had been placed in this sarcophagus, in a form of stasis, awaiting this time, a time when the crystal activated the energy released entered not only his body, but also his life-force.

How do we know this EVENT actually occurred? Basically, we have confirmation from two separate individuals, PLUS we have confirmation from the CHALDEANS themselves, whom we may add, required our assistance on the 12th of May. Returning to the EVENT, as we stated earlier there were many people involved, all working with their own specific and unique gifts and all with the same objectives.

We knew of a few of these groups involved, however, they did not know of each other at that point in time. Another group worked on holding the existing GRID in place, tightening as well as strengthening it. One member of this group, once the machinery was up and running, then found herself inside this chamber and what she witnessed we now describe.

HE arose, his hair was thin and matted, while his skin grey and peeling, but his eyes were ‘STARRY’. He then thanked her and said HE was not yet ready. He then laid himself back down and she was then able to leave.

Another member of the group was then sent to the PLATEAU to see if the CHALDEANS required any further assistance. She found herself outside his chamber also confirming JOSEPH had returned to his body, and was also assured that indeed the CHALDEANS had events well in control. AT THIS TIME THE GRID WAS UP AND HOLDING.

In addition to many solar anomalies observed on the Solar satellite images on May 5th the ‘sun cruiser’ was also OBSERVED including what appeared to be another STARGATE OPENING

On May 6th radar ring activity began in what appeared to be an effort in which to punch a few holes in the holes into the holding planetary grid. However, on May 8th, the infamous Brookhaven Laboratories, Long Island New York, was seen to ‘fire up’ showing heavy radar activity, a serious attempt to dislodge or unbalance part of the existing planetary grid. All of these events may be referenced and checked HERE and HERE
On May 9th a number of anomalies were observed on the SOHO satellites as analysed by Colonel Ervin
In addition the SEC, Space Environment Centre commented there were several "significant" filament eruptions observed from the south central region of the solar disk.

The filaments were categorized by the SEC as "large, dense, and bright" meaning a large amount of solar material was contained in these features. For more on this read the article by BLONDEL.
Importantly this was also the first magnetic storm watch issued by the SEC for indices of "greater than 30"[strong storming] in quite some time. Recent watches have been for "greater than 20."

Link to the event ANIMATION
However, what happened to this event that should have ‘hit’ earth with some severity? Could it be that the grid now in place afforded us some protection? It does appear so from what evidence we can offer. For one ‘official’ explanation read the article “Solar Ups and Downs” space Science news t
May 11th sees Brookhaven fire up yet again, as can be attested on this RADAR CAPTURED ANIMATION
From this point forward we are witness to a flurry of anomalous activities, including the elongated fire scenario at Los Alamos New Mexico, of which the on going events with accompanying photographs may be followed HERE
While on May 13th we are privileged to an exciting display, courtesy of C3 Solar satellite, of the planets Jupiter, mercury Saturn and Venus with the emergence of M45, better known as the Pleiades. SATELLITE IMAGES HERE

On May the 11th we were then summoned back to the Plateau, exactly for what reason we were not too sure.

Two men entered the Bethlehem Processionway where they encountered a group of Chaldeans, who informed them that they had sealed off all accesses to the Chambers located beneath the Great Pyramid. That is except for one, but did not indicate which one or why it was not sealed up. The two men held a two-hour discussion with the Chaldeans before leaving.

On May the 12th, a team of three was sent into another chamber, located on a different part of the Plateau. Entry to this Chamber was relatively simple and once inside were met by the very same Chileans encountered the day before, in the Bethlehem Procession way. The Chaldeans explained that they would have performed this next task themselves, except that they were unsure of a few of the instructions that were carved into the walls, and were concerned that they would make a mistake. One of the team could read the text, however, to make double certain they left to check with others to verify.

The complication arose to the fact that there were two types of instructional writings. The first was in Hieratic script (cursive form of Hieroglyphic writing which the Egyptians used for everyday writing) while the other was in glyph form. Refer here for basic EXAMPLES OF HIERATIC.
Basically, the writings stated that this machine would, when fired up, draw on external power sources to power the GRID. It seems that the machinery located in the other Chamber was powered by internal energy (stored). Prior to returning to assist the Chaldeans in this task, we contacted the group whom we knew possessed experience with the grid. They responded very quickly and were in position to hold the GRID in the event that there would be a delay in power to the GRID when this transfer was made.

Fortunately, as it transpired the transition went reasonably smoothly. However, what the team of three did NOT know, until they were inside the Chamber and caused a small delay, was that JOSEPH instructed one of the Light workers to Cloak the Chamber. This was carried out immediately and the process went smoothly. Once completed on a ‘screen display’ for want of a better description, read the following "You have done well-Thank you"

Prior to the change over, the team reported that the machinery made a HUMMING sound at various pitches. Once the change over was complete there was heard only a steady peaceful regular HUMM.

On May 15th the seismometer readings began to increase somewhat, whilst at the same time the LASCO C2 images showed massive Coronal Mass Ejections taking place. The following day, May 16th, as attested by the C2 images once more, our old friend the ‘Solar Cruiser’ or plasma carrier, showed itself! And on planet earth we were subjected to a number of reported LARGE EARTHQUAKES

Presently, events are occurring at warp speed and we can but advise the concerned reader to follow the main sites listed herein. However, there are two significant events that occurred very recently, which are of crucial importance. On May 21st it appeared from observing the activities via LASCO C2 that Revelations chapter 12 verse 3 was being ENACTED OUT.
However, the images were withdrawn from public view, it came to our attention that a massive CME occurred whilst the Plieades group was directly north of the sun.

Revelations 12:3 “And there was seen another sign in the heavens; and behold a great dragon, having seven heads and ten horns and on his head diadems” (crowns). Are we talking of the Plieades here, the seven sisters, standing directly on the crown with the CME’s as horns or rays? It certainly appears to be so! In addition to this observation, the union of Joseph and Mary (Isis) can be seen symbolically in the tryst between Jupiter and Venus. Remember the May 17th BETHLEHEM STAR EFFECT

Was this what the Pope had in mind when he arrived at Fatima in Portugal on May 13th? His intention was the beautification of two of the three Fatima visionary children. After speaking with the sole surviving visionary, Sister Lucia, the Pope ordered the Vatican to prepare the Third Secret of Fatima to be released to the public. Thus in doing so he has released the energy necessary for the appearance of Isis to carry out her role in the Natural Law!


Beginning on the 13th of May 2000 and continuing for a total of four consecutive days, a very special person was visited by ISIS/MARY. A PREGNANT MARY was standing with a very strong wind blowing about her. MAKE NO MISTAKE "HE" WILL BE BORN ON THE 13TH OF DECEMBER, 2000.When MARY visited with the 3 CHILDREN at Fatima SHE instructed them to return on the SAME day, for the NEXT consecutive 6 months, and on the 7th month SHE would RE-APPEAR. MARY Will Give Birth to HER SECOND CHILD (EPHRAIM) on that date!

Through natural evolution and over aeons of time, the key pressure points of the global grid are about to be shifted. As the earth prepares for its jump into that timeline certain symptoms will be experienced, such as the movement and adjustment of the earth’s tectonic plates while the earth adjusts to accompany this transition. As one will witness, this results in a traumatic post shock series of earthquakes and volcanoes etc.

If we return back in time to the year 1947, contact was established with the Zeta’s, or ‘greys’ (Zeta-Reticuli--a star system in the constellation Reticulum, and visible only in the Southern hemisphere) who explained the above forthcoming scenario MAJESTIC
Included in the scenario was the explanation that, coupled with the effects of the earth would be the imminent, in our time, deletion of the east and west coasts of the USA. This effect being the result of the earth readjusting its tectonic plates in preparation for this transition.

It is at this point that the Zeta’s offered a possible alternative scenario, at which point deals were struck, and the goal set.

A program was initiated and expanded rapidly. This program incorporated the knowledge of how to access TIME LINES, whereby the utilisation of these lines offered the time required to side step “natural law”.

It is considered that this scenario is not acceptable!! The essential reason being it locks the existing ENTITIES into this TIME FRAME, in effect enslaving us by not allowing our ability to evolve to our NEXT level. From what we know and feel, mankind is “screaming” for the right to exercise our FREE WILL CHOICE, that being to follow HIM into the next level, or ASCENSION.

HE heard our call to exercise our FREE WILL CHOICE and is now here to ensure our rights are protected.

‘They’ are no match for ‘HIM’ and that is why the Zeta’s scooted out of here recently, accompanied with many of the upper echelon from the NWO (New Word Order) and their “wanna be’s”.

However, there are still a few who will resist the natural law right up to the bitter end as they continue to implement a plan gone sour.

It is apparent that beyond our sun the ‘force’ is parked outside – they are not in our visible spectrum as they are in another time frame, This time frame will shift when a hole in the grid is created, and they execute any plan they have devised.

Brookhaven may be the key to this.

Joseph will claim his birthright soon and they know this, so they will attempt to complete their plan as soon as possible.


The function of the GRID, in place encircling planet earth, is one of stabilisation, or filtering. The origin of construction, see THE GREAT EXPERIMENT is of a man/ET creation, and was set in place to diffuse abnormal fluctuations, such as the effects of massive CME’s /solar flares etc. At certain points in time, ‘we’ were apt to align at a position where planet earth was under a stronger influence from one or more astral bodies than would have otherwise be the norm.

Alignment, therefore, is the crux of this grid, existence, or non-existence, is only substantiated by this control of alignment.

What we termed earlier as the ‘RED GRID’, can be utilised to re-direct excess energy into specific targets. One has only to follow the profuse ‘radar rings’ on the satellite weather maps to follow this scenario.

The BLUE, or PURPLE GRID allows for the equal re-distribution of excess energy.

Many remote viewers and the gifted individuals we know as ‘travellers’ are able to enter through a window, or portal in this grid, and exit out of another at a different time and place. The ability is having the knowledge and locating the points of these ‘windows’ along the grid. Therefore, by altering the grid, as occurred recently, to our overall advantage, we have in effect changed the location of these ‘windows’. In addition, we have changed time to our ‘natural time’, thereby exercising our FREE WILL CHOICE.

Bases on the alignment we previously referred to, time actually denotes the density of light that is realised at a given point in space. In basic terms, it could be said that the grid itself has no time or space within, but a flowing continuum, while bearing in mind one requires to locate the ‘windows’ of entry and exit.

Gridworkers on May 5th could actually see the FREE WILL CHOICE made, as pinpoints of Light over Terra, which gradually increased until Terra was covered in a complete mass of Light. These points of Light were the peoples of Terra joining in making their choice, helping to align and make strong the blue, or purple, grid. Once the choice was made known and Terra was lit, the grid was pushed in close to Earth, where it remains strong. While this grid does not negate the red grid, it isolates the red grid to Terra. No longer can others enter into our co-ordinate without our permission. The red grid can however still function in this co-ordinate, beneath the blue grid.

We were made very aware of Brookhaven National Laboratory on May 5th, especially as the labs stopped the work of the collider at the time If a hole is punched through the grid, we will observe the fleets enter over New York, where they will make their presence known, and thus be visible. The people of Terra did not strike the deal, only a few took that that choice into their own hands. The ones who did will then know what occurs when Natural Law, or the Covenant, is broken.

If this is allowed to occur, the war being fought near Jupiter will enter our co-ordinate and we will be drawn into it. The Great Deception lies in the deal that was struck. The deal itself was a deception, setting in place the technology to allow the take over of Terra and to enslave her people, to prevent ASCENSION.

By being prevented from moving to the next level, we remain where we are, and on the course we are headed. This would result in the near extinction of the people of Terra, leaving the planet and it's resources to those who would desire this piece of real estate. Those that remain after this take over, would become drones for the new occupants. We have made the choice not to allow this!

Howard Middleton-Jones
James M Wilkie
Julie king